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Ambassador Kit Christina‘s Choice

Ambassador Kit Christina‘s Choice

From: Neuland

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PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland Ambassador Christina Hemmingsen

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Product information "Ambassador Kit Christina‘s Choice"


I work both as a Project Manager, a Graphic Facilitator & Recorder, and as a Trainer, and in all my roles, I use Neuland markers as my preferred tool for creating my visuals. I'm very often asked what markers I use, and I'm always happy to share my excitement for the Neuland markers.

Neuland markers are versatile in their use, have a wide range of colours, and then they are water based and refillable.

I have a wide selection of colours in my kit, but, I often get asked what’s needed for starting out, and this is my idea for a beginner’s kit.

The BigOne® OUTLINER is big, but, has a variety in line thickness that makes it useful for almost all types of lines that you'd need. The outliners have permanent ink - but still are water based - that ensures that it won’t smudge, if you draw on top of it with other colours - which you'll need to do VERY often.

Besides the BigOne®, I have a No.One OUTLINER as well.

And then to the colours.

Colours are very much a question of temperament and taste. But, if you'd like a limited but versatile range of colours, I'd stay close to the basic colours in the colour wheel - red, yellow and blue - and orange, green and purple.

Then you'll need something for shading - a BigOne® grey, a No.One grey, and some ArtMarkers in pastels. These are also brilliant for different kinds of handwriting.

This should get you off to a good start - so, just get yourself out there, and make the world a more visual.



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