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Ambassador Kit ProgressivePartners‘ Choice

Ambassador Kit ProgressivePartners‘ Choice

From: Neuland

Item no. 9100.0320

PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland ambassador Karolina Iwa

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Product information "Ambassador Kit ProgressivePartners‘ Choice"

We bring VISUALS to work. We facilitate visually, deliver information design for our clients and teach them to THINK VISUALLY themselves. Innovation, diversity, courage and fun are at the core of our work. We see it over and over again: when you visualize, you make people understand, engage, co-create and share stories with more energy and ease. It also allows the heart, brains and intuition to show up on the same stage. Amazing, right? High time to start yourself!

You can see what we do here:
and here

​Why we love Neuland? It is the combination of amazing products (our eldest marker – BigOne® is 10 years old and still kicking!) with the world's best customer service. Wanna test them? Mess something up and ask them to help :)​

Our favourite tool-kit for Progressive VISUALlab is:
- No.One® black 100 & red 200
- No.One® Outliner 010
- BigOne® black 100 - red 200 - light blue 303 - orange 600 - denim blue 304



- FineOne by Neuland®​
- red 200
- light blue 303
- orange 600
- denim blue 304

-​ SketchOne 0,1 and 0,7


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