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Neuland No.One® ArtMarker, brush nib - empty

Neuland No.One® ArtMarker, brush nib - empty

From: Neuland

Item no. 8059.0000

ArtMarker in the unfilled version - fillable with water-based ink RefillOne.

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Product information "Neuland No.One® ArtMarker, brush nib - empty"

The transparent marker without ink filling allows you to see exactly what is happening during the refill process - and after filling it can be used normally. 

Technical details:
Material: PP/PE 
water-based ink, refillable, 
brush nib line widths: 0.5 - –7 mm

Unit single
Model No.One
Ink without ink
Use on Paper
Nib brush nib

Customer evaluation "Neuland No.One® ArtMarker, brush nib - empty"

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From: Heather Martinez 2015-11-22 13:20:13

Excellent nib!

ArtMarkers are already excellent on their own. With empties, the possibilities are endless.

I enjoy using the ArtMarker to add brushlettering in my work. And having this marker empty allows me to mix and match Neuland inks. It also works extremely well with fountain pen inks. And because empties also come in a variety of other sizes: No. 1 wedge, Big One, and Fine One... I can apply my extended palette to any project.

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