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Neuland-Whiteboards and accessories

Neuland whiteboards are magnetic as well as writable and dry-erasable. They are the classic furniture in every office and meeting room.

Whiteboard: lacquered or enamelled - which one is better?

The high-quality enamel board selection withstands the highest performance requirements in terms of continuous use of magnets, which may damage their surface. Furthermore, the enamel boards are very easy to clean thanks to a very smooth “glass surface”. Our second alternative is the lacquered steel plate-also suitable for the use of magnets and for writing with whiteboard markers. However it is not as scratch-proof as an enamel surface. Also, as for cleaning results seems the enamel board to be the obvious winner.
To sum up, the enamel boards are of the long durability, therefore are recommended in a long term use.
For the temporary utilization and due to the price advantage, the lacquered surfaces are mostly used.