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Ambassador Kit Heather's Choice

PROducts in this bundle are recommended by Neuland Ambassador® Heather Martinez

Ambassador Kit Heather's Choice
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When choosing a lettering style, the marker tip will influence the marks you make. I begin by... more
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When choosing a lettering style, the marker tip will influence the marks you make. I begin by asking: What is this tool designed for and what else can it do? In my choice kit, you will find markers to help you create a variety of lettering styles. Here is why I choose them.

The broad side of the Neuland BigOne® allows for bold lines, perfect for titling your charts and filling in large areas.

Montana empty markers offer a wider broad edge (30mm and 50mm) and can be filled with your favorite ink color. I usually fill them with light colors and outline the letters with an Neuland No.One® Art to give it character and life. The brush tip of the Neuland No.One® Art gives you a gestural line that can be used to liven up your existing handwriting or be used to create letters much like those written by calligraphers or signpainters.

The Neuland No.One® is the workhorse of the bunch. The grooves (also found in the Neuland No.One® Art and Neuland BigOne®) provide a comfortable grip for when capturing large amounts of content. It provides a variety of line widths and can be held at different angles to achieve a variety styles.

The Neuland FineOne® capture detail, are proportionate for sketchnoting, work well for adding fine outlines to your lettering, and comes in either fine tip or brush tip.

Lettering exemplars and instructions on how I use Neuland markers in my lettering practice can be downloaded at and a free lettering video series, “Unlock Your Neuland Markers” covering the 4 exemplars is available at:

That covers what the markers are designed for; now let’s explore what else they can do. I look forward to lettering with you soon!


If you want to learn more about Heather – check out her website:

Also available: Handlettering Kit (9100.0067) and Handlettering Kit – Book Bundle (9100.0068)

1x 8505.0419 Take a Lettering Journey (Englisch)
1x 8028.0600 Handlettering Learning Pad to go
1x 8061.3000 FatOne, 30 mm
1x 8044.0500 Neuland Ink RefillOne, 500 brillant yellow
1x 8042.0601 Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib 6-12mm, 601 red orange
1x 8059.0101 Neuland No.One® Art, brush nib 0.5-7 mm, 101 grey
1x 8047.0300 Neuland No.One®, wedge nib 2-6 mm, 300 blue
1x 8033.0010 Neuland FineOne® Outliner, round nib 1 mm
1x 8045.0010 Neuland No.One® Outliner, round nib 2-3 mm
2x 8107.0020 Handlettering Learning Pad
1x 8044.0010 RefillOne Ink, Outliner, permanent
1x 8059.0010 Neuland No.One® Outliner, brush nib 0.5-7 mm
1x 8042.0010 Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib 6-12 mm
1x 8047.0010 Neuland No.One® Outliner, wedge nib 2-6 mm

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