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Neuland FineOne® Sketch, black

An everyday allrounder, an expert for fine drawings and sketchnotes: the consistently sustainable marker in four line widths for creative visualizations on small formats.

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  • 8820.0100
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Item characteristics

Storage: Nib side down
Nib: Fineliner/Sketch
Ink formula: water-based
use on: paper
Marker-Type: Neuland FineOne®
Assorting: single
– Special offer valid until 10/31/2021 – Make everyday a fine one! The puristic and... more
Item information

– Special offer valid until 10/31/2021 –

Make everyday a fine one!

The puristic and dynamic design of the new Neuland FineOne® looks similar to the tools of former calligraphy masters and is, therefore, a timeless icon. A true design classic.

Besides the ergonomic handling and the clear shape, the Neuland FineOne® focuses on sustainability. Thanks to our proven system, the marker can be refilled through a membrane at the colored end of it, and the nib can be replaced as well.

This allrounder guarantees high durability and lots of fun while using the marker!
The Neuland FinOne® Sketch is available in four different line widths (0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 mm), and with black ink or as empty marker. The latter can be filled with water-based refill ink in your favorite color. Please do not use Neuland refill ink for outliners for refilling, this will damage the empty marker.

And all those who like to add a personal touch to their markers can now even easily personalise the Neuland FineOne® with their own message.

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Technical details:

Housing and cap: PP, dark grey
Odorless and water-based ink, ecofriendly and easily refillable
Metal-clad fineliner nib, nylon, line widths: 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 mm
Color: 100 black

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Customer evaluation for "Neuland FineOne® Sketch, black"
4 Oct 2021

Tinte leider nicht mehr permanent.

Ich mag die neue Form und vor allem das sie nachfüllbar sind und man die Spitzen austauschen kann.
Mein alter FineOne ist leider "reingedrückt".

Aber: Die Tinte ist nicht permanent, d.h. sie verschmiert wenn man mit einem FineOne Art coloriert. Das war beim alten nicht so und ist auch FineOne Outliner nicht so.

Neuland 5 Oct 2021

Hallo Alexander Derenbach,
vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback. Zurzeit sind nur unsere Outlinermarker mit alkoholbasierter Permanent-Tinte befüllt. Allerdings haben wir eine wasserbasierte Permanent-Tinte entwickelt, die demnächst bei all unseren schwarzen Markern zum Einsatz kommen wird. 
Das Reindrücken der Sketch-Marker kann bei starkem Aufdrücken schnell passieren, der neue FineOne Flex ist pflegeleichter was das angeht. Außerdem wird bei diesem Marker das neue Schwarz bereits verwendet. Schauen Sie doch mal vorbei.
Ihr Neuland-Team

2 Jul 2021

Für kleine Hände unbequem zu handhaben

Ich benutze die alte SketchOne seit Jahren in verschiedenen Stärken. Das neue Design hat einen etwas größeren Durchmesser und ich kann nur damit schreiben, wenn ich direkt hinter der Spitze anfasse. Im Grunde ist der Stift für mich nicht nutzbar.

Neuland 5 Jul 2021

Hallo Claudia Kottmann,
es tut uns sehr leid, dass unser FineOne Sketch nicht Ihren Vorstellungen entsprach. Natürlich arbeiten wir stets an der Verbesserung unserer Produkte und möchten uns daher herzlich für Ihr Feedback bedanken.
Ihr Neuland-Team

22 Feb 2021

Love but it not perfect

I love my Neuland FineOne black, but I use anything from 0,1mm, 0,3mm and 0,5mm and for very differently projects, but with the new beautiful design, it is no longer easy to identify, which size is which, when they stands on my desk. I therefore tend to reach for the my old Neuland FineOne. The great part about Neuland is that they are re-usable

23 Jan 2021

Smooth & comfortable writing

The 0.7mm has become my favourite for note-taking.

17 Dec 2020

Great that the Sketchones are now refillable

It is great that the SketchOnes are now refillable, and also that one can see the colour on the back when storing them upright (but not the line thickness alas). When will we get the black ones with the outliner ink 010 ??

14 Oct 2020

Positively Surprised.

Great improvement to the design and functionality of the FineOne.
The design of the lid is easier to grip when removing or sliding in and out from the sketchnotes elastic band. The ink flow and tip spring is very comfortable with slow and quick sketching.
The refilling using the same system as the Nr 1 and Big 1 is also cleaner.
Good job Neuland!

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Markers & More

Can I write on paper with whiteboard makers? Can I use markers for paper on whiteboards?

Whiteboard markers bleed heavily through paper and quickly get empty. Possibly the tip also wears off quickly. Avoid writing on whiteboards with markers for paper. They possibly smear and are difficult to remove.

The Outliner is clogged. What can I do?

The outliner has a different ink composition that can cause clogging if residual ink remains in the needle or the bulb (rinse the needle with water after each use to prevent residual ink from remaining in it).

What’s the difference between the "normal black" and the Outliner?

The Outliner (color code: 010) has a special water based ink that doesn’t smear or blur when painted over with another marker. It’s particularly suitable for contours that remain clean and sharp when colored afterwards. Otherwise with the black lines of the "normal black" (color code: 100), they can quickly become blurry and dirty after subsequent coloring.

Find here an explainer video in our YouTube channel.

Is the BigOne also available as a WhiteboardMarker?

No. Many customers buy the empty marker and fill it with whiteboard ink (but we can’t guarantee).

What’s the shadow marker?

This means the color “grey“ (color code: 101). Mostly the Neuland BigOne® is ordered.

Are your markers refillable and how does it work?

Neuland markers are refillable. Find detailed instructions here.

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