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Novario® AccessoryBox
Novario® AccessoryBox
This box is ideal for storing further Workshop accessories.
Item no.: 8030.0004
Novario® Box Set for ModStation Z-11
The module Novario® Boxes have been compiled to optimize the space within the ModStation Z-11.
Item no.: 2012.9003
Novario® TitleBox – small
The small practical TitleBox can hold up to 70 Title Strips cards or masking tape.
Item no.: 8030.0006
Novario® TitleBox
The practical TitleBox can hold up to 480 Title Strips cards and is part of the modular...
Item no.: 8030.0005
PaperQuiver - small
PaperQuiver - small
The small PaperQuiver is the improved way to professionally transport your flipchart paper.
Item no.: 0212.0500
PaperQuiver - large
PaperQuiver - large
The space-saving paper quiver is the improved way to professionally transport large sheets...
Item no.: 0212.0401
Novario® CardBox Cover
The cover allows you to close the Novario® CardBox for a safe transport.
Item no.: 8030.0008
Novario® CardBox
The CardBox can hold up to 500 WorkshopCards (rectangular, ovals, rhombus cards).
Item no.: 8030.0007
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