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Artist Tape

Extremely strong, removable paper adhesive tape for facilitators, skechtnoter and visualizers.

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Accessories: For taping / gluing
This tape is a real insider tip and is often used by visualizers when neither boards nor... more
Item information

This tape is a real insider tip and is often used by visualizers when neither boards nor pinboards are available. The artist tape is just the right tape to fix large format paper to any surface. The adhesive tape is pressure sensitive – the harder you press it, the better it sticks – the paper won’t fall off the wall. Nevertheless, it can easily be removed from walls and other surfaces without leaving residue and won’t damage the paper.

Why not integrate it into your work? Since it’s easy to tear off by hand, you can quickly set highlights in your visualizations, such as underlines, containers or tables.

It’s useful that it’s inscribable and, therefore, a great helper in terms of keeping order.

Recommendation by Neuland Ambassador® Birgit Smit:
“This is my go-to tape. When I am not using my graphic wall, I need to attach my large paper to all kinds of surfaces. Some of the tapes I tried failed me, either by not sticking enough (paper falling down) or being too sticky (leaving residue on the wall or ripping the paper). When I started using the Artist tape it was like a dream. The level of tackiness is just right. It's strong but still easy to tear off, safe to stick to any kind of surface and it ensures that my papers are securely sticking to the wall. I'm very happy that Neuland brought this Artist tape from the USA to Europe so everyone can enjoy it as much as I do!”

Technical details
Material: Kraft Flatback paper
Adhesive side: Natural rubber
Dimensions: W 25.4 mm, L 54.8 m / W 1 inch, L 179.8 ft.
Colors: white, green, blue

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Customer evaluation for "Artist Tape"
5 Dec 2021

Auch elegant als Armreif

Mal ganz abgesehen von der Nützlichkeit des Klebens, ist es auch kleidsam als Armreif über dem Handgelenk. :-)

Das Artist Tape bewährt sich auch in Klassenraumschulungen als Index-Fähnchen an Flipcharts, auch beim noch soundsovielten Hin- und Herblättern.

16 Sep 2020


Bestes Tape ever. Was man damit an die Wand bekommt ist erstaunlich.

14 Sep 2020


Tape klebt prima, ist gut abzulösen und zu reißen.

28 Sep 2019

Glad to see that this tape is available!

29 Aug 2019

siehe unten

Bei dem Tape handelt es sich um ein mega starkes Klebeband, welches unübertrefflich sogar an einer Rauhfasertapete haftet, ohne beim späteren Ablösen Spuren zu hinterlassen.Absolut empfehlenswert.

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